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February 2023

Are Dogs Smarter than Cats? Why doesn’t your cat retrieve those cat toys when you throw them?

Saturday, August 1, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-on-computerIf you are a cat lover, the answer to this question probably won’t change your opinion about cats.  It may seem that cats are not as smart as dogs. Cats by nature are loners. They hunted alone while dogs hunted in packs. You must remember that dogs require more attention which can make them seem smarter. Cats seem to notice everything.  I believe that they are also more intuitive.  Here’s an example. I always take my cats to Delaware with me. The day that I plan to go down to Delaware, nothing is ever different than any other day. Right before the trip, I do take some clothes out of the closet to take with me but that’s it, nothing else is different. I never take out their cages until we are ready to leave. It never fails, when I leave the house to go to work or run an errand on the day that we are leaving, I come home to find both cats hiding – they are nowhere in site. The car trip is what they are not too fond of, not being in Delaware. How did they know? They just sensed that we they will be going for a ride in the car again!  You cannot measure the IQ of a dog or a cat. Both cats and dogs are affectionate. Dogs seem to respond to commands better than cats. You can throw almost anything and a dog will retrieve it.  I can throw all of the cat toys in the world and while my cats would probably run over to them, they would never pick one up and bring it back to me.

The answer – a toss up! Cats are smarter than dogs or dogs are smarter than cats. Which one to you prefer?  Whatever you choose, you are correct!

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