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March 2023

Don’t trust a curious cat – true story by yours truly

Thursday, August 19, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy
Mollie, my older calm cat

Mollie, my older calm cat

It always pays to stay calm, cool and collected. Just like me, the calmest person on earth. I’ve mentioned that I have two cats. Mollie and Millie.  My older cat Mollie is very content just lying around at home. My younger cat Millie, on the other hand is very curious. She always needs to investigate which is the reason why I need to keep an eye on her when I’m out on my terrace. I let both cats come out with me. My terrace is on the second floor of a mid rise apartment building.  Both cats love it when I open the terrace door to go out and water my plants. One day, they were lying outside on the terrace while I was inside getting more water for the plants. When I got back outside,  I noticed that my younger cat, Millie was no where in sight. I called her and looked both outside on the terrace and inside. There was no sign of her. I immediately thought that she jumped off of the terrace and was wandering outside scared and alone or ran out toward the local street which motorists think is the New Jersey Turnpike!  I panicked!! I was only gone about 45 seconds. After several minutes, I heard a faint “meow.” I called Millie’s name but did not see her. Finally, I decided to look over the wall onto my neighbor’s terrace. There she was!! Wandering around, meowing and scared. She climbed over the narrow wall connecting the terraces. She did not know how to get back over the wall. Of course, yours truly doesn’t have a calm bone in his body so I immediately ran next door praying that my neighbors were home. Luckily, they were. They opened the door and I explained that Millie is on their terrace. I raced over to their terrace  to get her. In my haste and clumsiness, I crashed right through their screen door on knocked it over! Millie, got so scared to see this “crazy man” charging at her, that she ran through my neighbors apartment and jumped into their dryer!  It was one of those front loading kind and the door was open. I fixed the  screen door, apologized to my poor neighbors for disrupting their nice quiet afternoon and got Millie. We had a little discussion on our the way home. I told her that she almost gave “daddy” a heart attack.  The moral is this story is that if you think you know your cats, think again, they will always surprise you. Millie was so worn out by this event that she stayed in her cat bed for the rest of the day!

Millie, being a little angel after almost giving me a heart attack!

Millie, being a little angel after almost giving me a heart attack!

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