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Things to consider when adopting a pet.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

dog-and-cattogetherYou have made your final decision! You’ve selected a cute Beagle at the animal clinic. Here are some final things that you should consider before completing the process.  Make sure that you have several interactions with the pet that you select before finalizing the adoption. This is especially important if you have a multiple person or pet household.  Always have one on one time with the dog that you are interested in.  If they are at the kennel, see if you can spend time with them inside or enter the yard where he is playing. Keep a close eye on your new pet’s  mannerism towards you and any family members. Also look for how he behaves with the other dogs, volunteers at the kennel and other kennel employees.  Keep in mind that many dogs act differently in a kennel then they will at home.  If you are visiting the dog in a foster home, he may be very attached and even protective of his foster parents and may not show you any interest at all.  Take the environment into consideration.

If a dog is showing aggression in a shelter, you can expect him to show the same aggression when you get him home.  If you have other pets at home, make arrangements for them to meet in a neutral area first. Some animal shelters have areas for this purpose.

When you get your new pet home, create a space of his own. Have a dog bed for each pet, separate litter boxes if you’re adopting another cat, separate food and water bowls.  If your other pets have special sleeping places, don’t force the new pet to share the same places but rather let him select a place to sleep on his own.

If you keep these things in mind, your pet adoption process should go smooth.

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