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February 2023

Whippets, the mellow dog

Saturday, August 14, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

whippetsWhippets are very gentle, docile dogs. They make great family pets because the are very affectionate and loyal.  They are also very intelligent and can be lively.Their sweet, friendly personality make them a good companion dog.  If you have children, your Whippet should get along very well with them as long as the kids don’t tease him or handle him roughly.  These dogs are very sensitive and need to be handled gently by their owners. Never scream or use a loud voice to discipline them.  Another great reason to own a Whippet is that if you are at work during the day, they love to lie around the house and sleep. Always remember that exercise is important so take him for long walks and keep him on his dog leash when he is not fenced in. They like to run and chase smaller animals.  Whippets are also very easy to train but because of their sensitive nature, an experienced trainer would be a better choice for training.  They respond well to positive reinforcement.

The Whippet is relatively free of hereditary medical conditions. Sometimes they have hearing or eye problems.

Whippets are sensitive to the cold. Make sure that they don’t stay outside too long in cold weather. They are best suited in warmer climates.

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