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What’s the ideal number of cats to own?

Saturday, July 31, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

multiple-catsYou might assume that cats like company. The truth is most cats are perfectly happy being the only cat on your furniture.  Cats, unlike dogs are solitary animals. Trouble can start when there are too many sharing the same household.  The experts suggest that in order to prevent problems, limit the number of cats that you adopt.  For example, two is OK if you want the kittens to play with each other but kitten friends are no guarantee that the two won’t grow up to be enemies. If you own three or more cats, the problems may get worse.  The chance of urine sprays and more aggression dramatically increases with three or more cats.  My two cats do not get along at all. I adopted my older cat Mollie in 1999 when she was only five weeks old. At the time, I had a rabbit. When the rabbit died, I figured that I would adopt another cat. I love cats and figured that the new addition would be a companion for Mollie. I was dead wrong. I adopted Millie in 2005 when she was 12 weeks old. Although Millie would like to be friends with Mollie, Mollie will have none of it and the there’s constant aggression between the two of them. Mollie “hisses” every time Millie walks past her. Mollie will purposely block doorways so Millie could not get through.  Mollie would attack her when she would be in her litter box. You could imagine what that caused. It was a nightmare. Millie decided to make her bathroom under the dining room table. She is now going in her box again but it took lots of patience. I bought Millie a new cat bed and Mollie would not let her sleep in it. Mollie slept in it all the time.  Remember, more cats is not always merrier.

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