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December 2022

Pros and Cons on keeping your cat outdoors – Make sure you check with your vet to get the proper flea and tick spray for protection!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

imagesMany people have cats who go outside. Some stay outside most of the time only to come in for a nap or to be fed. Here are some pros and cons about keeping a cat outdoors. Keep in mind that I will be relating a rather unpleasant experience that I had when I kept my cat outdoors many years ago.

First of all on a positive note, cats love the outdoors, they are free spirited and love the sunshine and fresh air.  I once thought that keeping a cat confined was cruel. My opinion has shifted. Many years ago, when I was young, we were not allowed to keep any pets indoors. It was my mother’s beliefs that cats should stay outside. I found a little kitten and had to keep him outside most of the time. He was allowed on the porch to eat and sleep if it got too cold. I loved this cat and he became very attached to me. He always came when I called and always enjoyed seeing me and would follow me all around. My next door neighbor, an elderly man on the other hand hated all animals including my cat, Tiger. He had a vegetable garden and my cat would frequently stroll through it. One day, I kept calling my cat and he didn’t come. I began to panic fearing that something may have happened to him. I always feared that he would get hit by a car. As I walked around the yard and the front of the house, there was no sign of him. I then looked in my neighbors garden and there he was lying still under a tree. He was dead and obviously had been poisoned! This image still stays with me to this day.  Nothing was done to the mean man who killed my cat. If this occurred today, I would make sure that he was prosecuted.  Now you know why my opinion has changed and I would always keep my cats indoors at all times. Today I received good news from a friend who keeps her cat outdoors. Her cat disappeared several months ago and she thought that it was gone for good. All of a sudden, it appeared back at her home. It was very skinny but was OK. It could have been stuck somewhere for a long period of time but who knows, the good news is that she got her cat back!

Remember, outdoor cats can carry fleas and ticks indoors. We did an article about the dangers of flea and tick sprays and other products a few weeks ago. I would always check with your vet before you purchase any flea and tick product for your pet.

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