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February 2024

How Much Should a Senior Cat Eat?

Saturday, January 27, 2024
posted by Jim Murphy

Our cat Millie is 19 years old. As they age, sometimes they may eat less or lose weight. Millie generally eats normally but there are days where she consumes less. I make sure that she resumes normal eating in a day or two. If she doesn’t, I would contact a vet. When your cat ages, you may notice some changes other than slowing down at bit. They may eat less and even lose a little weight. Heres how I determine whether or not there’s a problem. I ask myself these questions.

Is she eating?
Is she peeing normally?
Is she pooping normally?
Is the consistency of her poop normal?
Is she acting normal?
If the answer to these questions are “yes,” then I don’t worry.

Be writes about how much a senior cat should consume.

Most senior cats will have about the same caloric needs as an adult cat—roughly 280 to 360 daily calories depending on the normal lean weight—as long as they are healthy. Some older cats will actually have an increase in energy requirements. That increase may be due to a decrease in the ability to digest and utilize calories or it may be due to health problems that are commonly seen in senior cats.

Use your cat’s food label to calculate how much you need to feed your senior cat to meet their caloric requirement. Most cat food has calorie counts on the packaging. Initially, it’s best if you weigh out the daily meals. That will help you feed precise amounts.

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