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September 2023

Unwanted Porch Visitors

Saturday, August 19, 2023
posted by Jim Murphy

Close-up of a raccoon in an eco-farm

We have lots of cats in our neighborhood and some of them are very friendly. Three cats come to our porch daily to feast on some dry food that I leave for them everyday. One cat, that the neighbors call Mitzy is an extremely friendly cat and allows you to pet her and pick her up. We enjoy feeding the neighborhood cats. However we also have some nocturnal visitors that I would say are not really welcome although they are very cute. Many times we forget to take in the left over cat food left out during the day and lately a family of raccoons have been making their way to our porch to feast on the leftovers. Unlike the cats, raccoons make a racket. They toss the bowls around and climb on the furniture. Last night I heard them and turned the light on. Instead of running away, they came over to the door expecting me to welcome them into house.

If you feed outdoor cats and don’t want unexpected guests, remove any leftover food before it gets dark!

Remember, pets are family!

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