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April 2024

Satisfying Your Cats Treat Cravings

Monday, August 7, 2023
posted by Jim Murphy

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My 18 1/2 year old cat Millie has a routine, she wants her treats at special times throughout the day. Usually I provide treats in the evening but lately, she has that treat craving earlier and earlier. Her first treat is a moist puree of fish and chicken and later she gets some dry treats. I will admit that I have spoiled her terribly. She gets up from the living room chair and stands by her treat bowl four or five times a night. Of course I usually oblige and give her a few treats each time. You really need to limit treats. If I give her treats too early, I find she eats less of her regular food. This is not good because her regular food is high quality and nutritious.

Woman’s of Style and Substance .com has some good suggestions on treats for your cat. Here is an excerpt from their article.

Even the most disciplined humans indulge in the occasional treat, and felines are no different. Indeed, many cat owners use treats to reward their felines for good behavior. Positive reinforcement is vital for kitties learning new routines and conforming to their owner’s behavioral expectations. Treats can become expensive during such times, but a quick online search reveals various recipes for making homemade, bite-sized treats.

Another treat that many cats adore is catnip. It is part of the mint plant family and easy to grow. Most cats respond to catnip by becoming relaxed, happy, and very affectionate. However, not all have this reaction. Some cats are more active, playful, or aggressive after consuming catnip. Experiment with catnip treats to see how your cat reacts before incorporating it into your cat’s treat regime.

Remember, pets are family!

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