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April 2024

Gross Incompetence That Resulted in a Lost Cat

Thursday, March 23, 2023
posted by Jim Murphy

Frightened wild cat hid under the tiles of the road

Yesterday my niece’s beloved cat Angelica was scheduled to be spayed. This is a normal procedure done millions of times per day. The organization responsible for this procedure picked her up, put her in a van and took her to the facility where the procedure was to take place. The driver of the van apparently left a window open, didn’t check the carrier and Angelica got loose and jumped out of the window. She is currently lost in an area that she is not familiar with. This is heartbreaking and my niece of course is devastated. I’ve devastated by the neglect and inefficiency of this organization.

There are flyers out everywhere and lots of kind people looking all over for the cat but as of this writing, she has not been found.

This can be compared to losing a child. Pets are part of our families and this organization needs to be held accountable for the gross neglect of my niece’s beloved pet.

In my opinion, the youth of today are distracted, not focused, non-communicative and have a horrible work ethic. They are too involved in responding to that next text or watching the next Tic Tok video to pay attention to anything else. No excuses! I’m hoping that Angelica is found and the lazy, incompetent staff handling the procedure is held accountable!

Remember, pets are family!

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