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April 2024

Small Cat Breeds

Tuesday, February 28, 2023
posted by Jim Murphy

SMALLCATBelieve it or not, there are small cat breeds. Here are a variety of small cats that are available to choose from. These include the Abyssinian, the American curl, the Balinese, the Colorpoint the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex, the Russian Blue, the Javanese, the Singapura etc. Some cats can be smaller than the usual for various reasons. Some reasons for their small size, may be due to genetics, hormonal reasons and even environmental reasons. These cats usually have short coats that are silky and soft to touch. They have large distinctive eyes which are usually green or amber. These cats are good for those who like their cats to stay kitten like. They can be inquisitive and smart cats. They come in a single color, brown or beige. They love cozy cat beds where they could curl up and snuggle! These cats body’s are just 10 to 14 inches long. My younger cat Millie, is a smaller mixed breed. She doesn’t classify as a small cat but she is definitely on the small side and at 11, she still looks like a kitten! So if you like a cat to look like a kitten, you may consider some of these breeds. They eat the same cat food as normal sized cats and make sure you keep the cat treats handy!

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