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April 2024

Training Your Puppy for His First Walk

Friday, February 10, 2023
posted by Jim Murphy

cuteieleashThe time has come when you have to put the dog leash you have hanging in the closet on your little pup. Your puppy should have gotten used to wearing his dog collar at this point. Before attempting to take your pup for a walk, he should be familiar with his leash. The leash should be lightweight. Clip the dog leash to his collar and let him walk around the house with it. After your puppy is comfortable dragging the leash around the house, it’s time to pick it up. Make these training periods are fast and fun for your pup. He must learn that pulling the leash gets him nowhere. If he wants to continue walking, then he must be on your side and on a loose leash. If your puppy sits down while your are walking, don’t yank him forward toward you, gently call him over and reward him when he gets to you. A dog treat would be fine. Start walking again with the puppy at your side. You can train a very young pup to walk on a leash. There should be no pulling by you or the pup. The leash should always be loose and your pup should always be at your side not in the back or front of you. I think you’re ready to take the little guy for his first walk. Good luck and remember, pets are family.

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