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March 2024

Postponing Adoption While You Still Have a Senior Pet

Tuesday, November 15, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

Our cat Millie is almost 18 years old and she’s enjoying her senior years with us. We always had another cat and Millie would feel slighted and intimidated by our other cats Mollie and Atlantis. Now that they both are gone, Millie rules the roost. She no longer has to hide in a back room. Millie was adopted after we had our cat Mollie for six years. Needless to say the two never bonded. After Mollie passed, we adopted Atlantis a beautiful cat after our neighbor passed away. Atlantis was not well but lived with us for two years. Again Millie felt intimidated and kept to herself. Millie was always a shy cat but has since become more bold. She’s actually demanding and is into a daily routine and we love it. She is finally able to get all of the love and attention!

We would eventually love to adopt another pet, probably a dog but will not do it while we still have Millie. We want her to feel safe, happy and loved and be the center of attention during the later years of her life.

Remember, your pets count!

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