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April 2024

How Many Cats Are Too Many?

Wednesday, November 9, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

TOO MANY CATSYou know that I am an animal lover. I once saw a special on 20/20 . They did a story about people with too many cats. One woman had over 100 in her house!! I just want you to know that this is only my opinion. I always try to live a balanced life. I mean spending quality time for work, friends, family and my two cats. I also believe that when you adopt a pet, you should strive to give them a clean, healthy, happy and peaceful life. People who go to extremes and by “extremes” I mean having so many cats living indoors are not doing themselves or the animals any good. They create an imbalance in their lives. Caring for over many cats requires lots of time, money and cleaning. Think of all of the food, litter, cat toys, not to mention the expense incurred if they get sick.

You should also try to bond with your pets and having all of these cats limits the time you can spend with each of them. Now, please keep in mind, if you have cats that you keep outdoors and care for and feed them, then I guess it doesn’t matter how many but still there should be limits. If you are spending an enormous amount of time caring for your cats, then, you aren’t spending enough time on other things in your life. This creates an imbalance. Things could easily go awry if your life is not properly balanced with work, hobbies, play, pets and other loved ones. The lady with over 100 cats lived in filth. The cats looked unhealthy. They were on top of one another is an extremely unsanitary environment. They were certainly not living, happy, healthy lives. The person who owned these cats became so obsessed with caring for them that she neglected her own needs. The house was a filthy mess. I feel that everything in moderation is OK. My message here is that balance is important and this even applies to your pets. They need love and attention and going overboard and having so many is not doing the animals or yourself any good.

Remember, pets are family!

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