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March 2023

Territorial cats

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy
My younger cat Millie.

My younger cat Millie.

I have two female cats. I got my older cat, Mollie in 1999 when she was five weeks old. I adopted my younger cat Millie in 2005 when she was only three months old. Ever since I brought my younger cat home, there has been territorial aggression with my older cat Mollie. She claims most areas of the house as “hers.” I am spending my vacation at my summer place in Delaware. I have a screened in porch where both of my cats love watch other cats, dogs and birds. Today, my older cat Mollie decided to sleep in front of the door preventing my younger cat, Millie from going inside to keep cool.  Millie could not get in and decided to jump on top of the wicker chair near the door. Mollie viewed this as a threat and before your knew it, the growling, hissing and swatting started. Mollie got her claw caught in the wicker chair and I had to go to her rescue. I had to physically pick up Millie and bring her inside.

If one cat moves into territory which another cat has claimed for itself some kind of confrontation is almost inevitable. Right now Mollie is fast asleep on the couch inside the house and Millie is enjoying her time on the porch sprawled out and playing with her cat toys.

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