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March 2024

A New Friend

Sunday, September 11, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

We’ve been feeding several stray cats for a couple of years now but now one of these cats has become our friend. A beautiful grey cat patiently sits by our door on the porch every day at 7:00am. I open the door and she meows and comes up to me looking for a rub and a pet. I then fill her water and food bowls  and she anxiously eats her food then comes back to the door and waits until I come out again to give her one final pet of the day .She then eats some more and goes on her way only to return tomorrow for another visit and meal.

We’ve come to look forward to her visits every morning and actually worry if she’s not there at 7:00am. This cat is very affectionate but we could not take her in and expect her to suddenly become an indoor cat. So we enjoy her visits and keep her well fed. Winter is coming and I’m not sure what we’ll do to keep her warm but there’s still some time to think about this.

Cats provides us with love in many ways even if they are outdoors and  just dpay you one visit a day!

Remember, pets are family!

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