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February 2024

Are There Health Benefits to Owning a Dog?

Wednesday, September 7, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

To give you a quick answer, yes there are health benefits to owning a dog. Whether they are physical, mental, or social, dogs can provide many benefits to our health. Owning a dog allows you to have a loyal companion that will love you unconditionally. If you are looking for a lifestyle change that will be beneficial to you, owning a dog might just be the right choice.


Mental Benefits

There are many studies that provide evidence of the benefits a dog can have on your health. For example, dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression, low blood pressure, and lower cholesterol levels. Being able to play with a dog enables you to elevate your serotonin and dopamine levels in a natural way.


Mentally a dog reduces your anxious thoughts and allows you to not be as lonely. Instead of coming home to an empty house, you have this companion that is excited to see you! Having a dog gives you the opportunity to add structure to a hectic day. Dogs also give you a boost of self-confidence. You have someone who is all ears to listen to you with no judgment which as a result can help with your self-confidence. Pets may help you reduce the stress that comes with your daily life.

Physical Benefits

When you own a dog, you are more likely to stay physically active, too. A dog must be taken out daily and this creates the obligation to go for a walk. Dogs also need playtime. Running around with your dog enables you to get some much-needed physical exercise while also tending to their needs.


When doing physical activity with your dog, you may want to find new and creative ways to keep them entertained. Throwing a frisbee or tennis ball is something that your dog will enjoy and helps you get some extra movement into your day as well. When moving around and keeping yourself physically active with your dog, be mindful of both your and your dog’s bodies. Safeguarding your health is critical when you increase activity, and that’s true for both you and your furry friend. Insurance for both of you is a great way to do so! If you’re asking yourself “is pet insurance really worth it?” consider why you get it for yourself as a starting point.  After all, our dogs allow us to keep ourselves in healthy shape so why not help keep them protected as well?

Social Benefits

When your days start to blur together you start to realize that socializing is not one of your priorities. With your day-to-day activities, your social life takes a back seat to everything else, unfortunately. Luckily, if you have a dog, you have an automatic conversation starter. Many pet owners have been able to make friends while walking their dogs. This is a small step you could take to see the health benefit of having your four-legged friend.


If you have the time and live near a dog park this is another great place to socialize. Dog parks allow you and your furry friend to receive some much-needed socialization time without it seeming forced. Being able to have a dog is the ice-breaker you could be missing in your life.


Dogs are a responsibility but are rewarding to have. You will receive a loyal companion that will provide many benefits to your social, physical, and mental well-being. They become an integral part of your life that you are lucky to have.


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