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Pet Sitter Qualifications

Tuesday, July 12, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

If you are going away or if your job requires long hours, it could be a good idea to consider hiring a pet sitter for your dog or cat. Cats do well during the day by themselves but if you are going away for an extended period of time, I would consider a pet sitter. Pet owners should look at the following list before hiring a pet sitter.

  • The pet sitter visits the client’s home before the first pet sitting assignment to meet the pets and get detailed information about their care.
  • The pet sitter presents himself or herself in a professional manner. He or she should give you his or her undivided attention, be courteous, interested and well informed.
  • Pet sitter conducts business with honesty and integrity and observes all federal, state and local laws pertaining to business operations and animal care.
  • Your pet sitter should have liability insurance, and if the pet sitting company employs pet sitters, bonding may be necessary as well.
  • Does the pet sitter have a business license, if it’s required? Please note there is no occupational license for pet sitters, however, a business license may be required to own and operate a business in your locale.┬áThe pet sitter provides a service contract, and goes over specific services and their associated fees.

The pet sitter should always seem interested in learning as much as they can about your pet. They should also have an emergency list of veterinarians in case of an emergency and in case your veterinarian is not available. They should also have a back up plan in case they become ill. The pet sitter should also have a knowledge of first aid as well as be aware of any pet food recalls. Your pet sitter must return all of your phone calls and advise you of any change of schedule a few days in advance.

Always do your homework when selected a sitter for your pet. Take you time and you’ll have peace of mind.

Some of the information on today’s blog was provided by petsit USA.

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