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April 2024

Can You Suddenly Develop An Allergy to Your Cat?

Monday, July 11, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

Is it possible for someone who has never been allergic to cats before to suddenly become allergic?  The answer is yes. Sensitivity to cats or dogs and increase or decrease during our lifetime. Just as one can outgrow sensitivity to pollen or penicillin, we can also outgrow our sensitivity to a cat or dog. Our immune systems change with changes in the environment.

It is quite possible that you have a gene which makes your sensitivity to cat saliva fluctuate¬† during periods of say, stress, or hyperactivity. It is possible you’re on a medication, the side effects of which include cat sensitivity. In general, many conditions can increase or decrease our sensitivity to our pets. I’m sensitive to my older cat,Mollie while I have no reaction at all to my younger cat Millie. When I pet Mollie and touch my eyes, I begin sneezing and my eyes because itchy and teary. When I pet Millie and touch my eyes, nothing at all happens. It could be the kind of skin or the amount of dander produced by Mollie. So, there are many conditions that can trigger an allergic reaction. You can own a pet if you have allergies, just see your doctor for the proper medication.

Remember, pets are family!

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