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April 2024

Cats are Smarter Than You Think

Thursday, June 16, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

Because our feline friends are independent, we tend to confuse this with that notion that they may not be as smart as dogs. The truth is they are but the way they show it may not be apparent as with a dog. When my cat Molly was still with us, she bonded with me and knew every move I made.

When she wanted to wake me up, she would ever so gently crawl onto my nightstand and turn on my Bose radio. Buttons were on the top of the unit and she figured out what the buttons controlled. After she turned the radio on she would press her paw down on the volume control until the volume blasted so loudly that you would thinkĀ  there was a symphony orchestra in my bedroom!

One time, I was awake and wanted to see how she did this so I pretended I was asleep until she made her way over to the nightstand. I saw that she would look at me and I appeared to be asleep then she would quickly push the “on” button on the Bose. When I didn’t respond, she would glance over at me again then slowly placed her paw on the volume button and kept it there until I was jolted out of bed!

I eventually had to remove the Bose radio. Molly won again! Don’t underestimate the intelligence of your feline friend.

Remember, pets are family!

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