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March 2024

The Importance of Kitten Rescues

Thursday, June 9, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

We have several stray or feral cats living in our neighborhood. We provide food and water on our porch  for several that stop by each day. One of our stray’s recently had kittens under a neighbor’s porch. Thankfully all of these kittens were rescued and are now ready for their forever homes. Small Lives Kitten Rescue outlines the importance of getting these little creatures to safety as soon as possible.

The following was provided by Small Lives Kitten Rescue

Small Lives Matter Kitten Rescue provides rescue services to the most vulnerable population to death or euthanasia in both on the streets and in shelters today. Motherless kittens too young to eat on their own usually die if brought to a shelter or are tossed into dumpsters, because they demand more resources than shelters or families can typically provide. For shelters, especially during kitten season, such resources are stretched even thinner than usual and these fragile lives fade quickly. Although kitten nurseries are not available in the majority of our shelters, some more progressive shelters have partnered and together created networks of foster homes to care for underage and sick kittens until they are ready for adoption.

Many rescues and shelters refer to kitten season as one of the most difficult periods in the year. Kitten season starts in April and ends in some time in the fall or winter depending on the weather. It tends to start with a few litters showing up in shelters in early spring. By summer, they’re pouring in. During these months, the kitten population can be as large as 300 kittens per month for some of the Jacksonville city shelters. Just think of how difficult it would be to juggle that many intakes in a single day. Then, stop to consider how you would manage 30 more the next day. And the next, and the next, for weeks on end.

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