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March 2024

Do You Do Anything That Annoys Your Cat?

Saturday, May 7, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

Do you ever notice that your cat looks grumpy sometimes?  His body language will show you that he’s a little peeved about something.  What are the things that will make your cat upset? First of all, cats hate dirty, stinky litter boxes.  They may even look for other places to go outside the box. If you think about it, how disgusting is it to use a portable, outside potty? Your cat feels the same way.

Cats also hate taking medicine. It can be difficult getting a cat to swallow a pill. It’s even worse if you expect them to swallow pills dry. Sick cats need medicine and there are several ways to make taking pills not so bad for him.

Spoiled food not only smells bad, but it’s unhealthy for  cats to eat. Cats d0n’t like it. In the summer, if your not in an air conditioned environment, only leave wet for out for 30 minutes.

Your cat may be on your lap, sharing a tender moment as you are petting her, but after awhile may suddenly bite or scratch you and jump down. This is called feline hyperesthesia.

Be sensitive to to your cats emotions and try to make life easier for him by trying to eliminate the things that make him upset.

Remember, pets are family!

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