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April 2024

Is it Safe to Let Your Dog Run Freely on the Beach?

Sunday, May 1, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

There’s nothing like sitting on a cool, quiet beach on a beautiful Spring afternoon and seeing people, only a few people  and several with their dogs. The dogs were romping around, catching balls and splashing in the cold ocean. Yesterday, I spent this afternoon on Rehoboth Beach enjoying the tranquility and watching families and canine friends having a great time in the sun.

Can anyone let their dog run free on the beach? Here’s my take. If your dog has been socialized and gets along well with other dogs and  had basic command training then I think it’s safe to let him run free on an empty beach. Dogs must be watched very closely all the time. Last year I found a dog wandering on the boardwalk apparently lost and scared. I led him over to the beach where he saw his owners looking frantically for him. All ended well as the dog dashed over and reunited with his loved ones. The beach is great for dogs. They love the sand, freedom, water and  exercise. If you take your dog to the beach, act responsibly. Make sure your dog gets along with other dogs, responds to commands and has your complete attention all the time.

Enjoy the beach with your best friend!

Remember, pets are family!

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