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April 2024

Can an Indoor Cat Find His Way Home if He Gets Lost?

Saturday, March 26, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

All cats have excellent navigational skills and some travel many miles and make it home. This sometimes happens after a move. The cat will actually return to its former home. Unfortunately, not all cats make it, especially if they have been de clawed and are not used to being outside. They can no longer defend themselves in the event that they get attacked by another animal. There is also the possibility that they will be hit by a car.  The chances of this happening drastically increase if the cat lives in an urban area.

Cats can also choose whether or not they will go back to their original owner. They might just stay with another friendly person. There was someone whom I know that lost their cat. Their owner found him 3 years later about seven miles away with another family. This cat would go outside every now and then, so he was used to the territory. The owner let him stay with the new owners.

I always recommend getting your cat micro chipped whether he’s an indoor or outdoor cat. This way, if he does stray too far from home, his owners can always be located provided that he gets to a veterinarian or shelter.

Remember, pets are family!

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