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April 2024

Helping the Pets Caught in The Ukraine Crisis

Sunday, March 6, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

Our hearts are with the mothers, fathers, children and the animals caught in the horrible atrocities happening in Ukraine. has put together some ways to help the pets caught in the crisis. Personally, I can’t get the pictures of the desperation out of my mind. I’m sickened by this and hope and pray that it ends soon! Please feel free to share this article, help is desperately needed. Thanks to Speciesunite,com for providing everyone with this very important information!

Here is a copy of the article published by

The war in Ukraine has plunged the country’s people and animals into crisis. As hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians flee their homes, many are refusing to go without their beloved animal companions by their side, while others are forced to make the heart-wrenching decision to leave them behind. Photographs and videos shared across social media show people holding their animals close as they attempt to cross borders or find underground refugee from the bombs. 

At time of writing, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia have all waived documentation for animal companions to enter, meaning they do not need the strict health or ID documents that are usually required to cross the border. Many charities and shelters who share a border with Ukraine are doing everything they can to support the people and animals who are able to make it to safety, such as providing shelter, food, and medical supplies. 

However, there are still many animals left in Ukraine who desperately need help. Brave volunteers have chosen to stay in the war-stricken country, putting their own lives at risk, to care for the animals who have been left behind – as well as the thousands of homeless animals trying to survive on the streets. Shelters in the nation are already running critically low on food supplies, with only a few days of food remaining.

Please support these important organizations who are helping Ukraine’s animals in need:

In Ukraine:

Happy Paw

Happy Paw is a charitable foundation that helps cats and dogs in shelters across Ukraine and promotes the humane treatment of stray animals. At the moment, Happy Paw’s main objective is to “not stop supporting animals in shelters.” In a Facebook post, they said they are concerned about rapidly dwindling food and supplies in animals shelters and the logistical issues of supplying urgently needed groceries and medicine. “According to our data, all animals are alive and there is food for the next few days. The biggest problem is that no delivery service is currently able to deliver needed food and supplies to the shelters. And also no fuel for vehicles and unable to withdraw cash or pay by card for groceries in some regions.” You can support their work by making a donation here.


UAnimals works to protect animals in Ukraine from exploitation while supporting animals in shelters and rehabilitation centers. The organization is collecting funds to help animal shelters that have run out of food and supplies due to the Russian invasion. They have already helped over 30 shelters across the country, including Save a life, Lonely Hearts, and Snowy protection. Despite their opposition to zoos, UAnimals is calculating the funding needed to keep the animals held captive in zoos alive. “We’re fighting to ban contact zoos, but in this moment, saving lives from war should be a priority.” You can support their work by making a donation here.

Shelter Ugolyok

Shelter Ugolyok is a Ukrainian non-profit animal rescue organization and sanctuary for farmed animals. They are currently stockpiling food reserves for the hundreds of animals in their care, but are facing huge difficulties in transporting supplies close to the bombings. To help Shelter Ugolyok, you can make a donation via PayPal ([email protected]), Venmo (pawsofhelp) and Fundrazr or Patreon.

Shelters in bordering nations Accepting and Supporting Ukraine’s Animals:

Casa lui Patrocle

Based in the city of Suceava in Romania – around 40km from the Ukraine border – Casa lui Patrocle is an animal rescue charity that has pledged to help families fleeing with their pets. In a Facebook post, they announced they will provide veterinary assistance and find accommodation and shelter for any animals in need of support. The organization said it would help treat “any type of animal” including farmed animals “regardless of their species”. You can support their work here.

Save Our Paws

Based in the Lasi city of Romania, Save Our Paws is a small non-profit organization rescuing animals from shelters and the street. In a Facebook post, they have offered their support for all animals (and if possible, people) affected by the crises. “We can take injured animals, provide free medical care, and foster, and we can also expand the area as needed. We are here!” To help Save Our Paws, you can make a donation via PayPal ([email protected]).

Sava’s Safe Haven

Sava’s Safe Haven is an NGO animal welfare association and rescue shelter in Romania who work with the local community to offer education on how to care for their animals as well as basic medical care for those who cannot afford it. So far, they have to helped to reunite families, given shelter and food to several families and their dogs, provided financial and emotional support, and coordinated rescue missions and aid distribution. Their current emergency shelters are full, but they are raising urgent funds – 4000 euros – to set up a “unit to accommodate dogs for short period (refugee dogs)”, as per a post on Facebook. You can support their work here. 

Animal Society and Adăpostul Speranța

Animal Society is a Romainan-based, independent animal welfare organisation who deliver humane stray animal care programs locally. Alongside rescue shelter Adăpostul Speranța, who are based in Bucharest, the two groups have offered to take in animal companions and shelter them for as long as needed. You can support their work here and here

Centaurus Foundation

Polish organization, Centaurus Foundation, are fundraising for both the human and non-human animals of Ukraine. They are raising money for families who are looking for shelter and supplies, including some of their own Ukranian employees. They are also providing food, medicines, and transport for animals affected in Ukraine, and will offer sanctuary for any animals in need at all of their centers. You can support them here.

Association Riga si Berlin

Based in Bucharest, Romania, Association Riga si Berlin is an NGO raising awareness of feline epilepsy. They have shared on Facebook offers to help support pet owners with food, medical bills, medicine, and finding temporary or permanent homes in Romania for animals affected. You can support their work here. 

Thank you to the Global Federation of Sanctuaries for their help in writing this article. Learn more about their work here.

Remember, pets are family.

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