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April 2024

An Unexpected Visitor – Ralph the Raccoon

Tuesday, February 1, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

We usually put some food out for two feral cats in our neighborhood. Yesterday as I peered through the sliding doors, I noticed a large gray ball of fur. It wasn’t the feral cats but rather a large racoon. I was concerned to see him during  the daylight hours but realized that because of the recent snowstorm, he was probably displaced and began looking for shelter and food. He found both on our porch. He feasted on the food we left for the cats and drank some water but did not leave. He basked in the afternoon sun and then made his way under the couch and slept.

This morning when I looked out the door, there he was again. If fact, he never left. We believe he found a new home. This is a bit concerning because Raccoons are wild animals. My partner and I are both animal lovers and want to see them safe and thriving. There was no food left and our new tenant was sitting over the empty bowl and then looking up at us. After discussing the situation, we made the decision to put some fresh food in the bowl. Was it the right decision? Probably not but the animal lover in us did not want to hold back food for this peaceful creature. As the snow melts and the weather gets warmer, we hope “Ralph” (we named him) the raccoon will make his way back into the wild and maybe just once in awhile pay us a visit!

Remember, pets are family!

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