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December 2023

Walking your Dog in the Snow

Saturday, January 29, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

Booties are a must. They not only keep your dogs feet warm but keep ice and salt from getting on their paws so always consider putting booties on your best friend in snow and ice.

Shovel a pathway before you take your dog out. Follow this by putting down salt to prevent freezing. Try to keep you dog away from the middle of the road and try to walk on shoveled paths. It’s better to stay on the snow rather than risk falling on ice.

Don’t pull your dog while walking because both you and your dog are in danger of falling possibly not being able to get up. If you have a dog that pulls a lot, you may want to skip the  walk and just let them go off leash in the backyard if you have a fenced in yard. A pulling dog can easily pull you off your feet on ice. If your dog pulls and you must walk, try a front-clasping harness or a head halter, to help ease the strength of their pull. Try to avoid icy patches and side try to stay on the snow, where you can get at least some traction (this is where those traction shows I mentioned earlier are important!) and if you do fall, it’s a lot softer.

Make sure you walk slowly. Slow is better and make sure your dog does his business so you don’t have to keep taking him out. If you are at all nervous about falling, try to stay near something like a fence, so you can grab onto it if you fall. Avoid streets where you and your dog could get hit if you end up falling and not able to move from an injury.

Wear bright clothing and make sure you and your dog can easily be seen from a distance. Remember, cars will take a lot longer to slow in the snow and ice, so you need to be visible from further away than usual. This is especially important for a white dog. In the event he gets away from you, you want to be able to see him in all that snow. A bright jacket with reflectors will make finding him a lot easier.

Always carry a phone!  In case there is an emergency, make sure you have your phone with you. It’s a good idea to carry bandages in case of cuts and bruises. Take your time and always be prepared.

Thanks to iheartdogs for providing this very useful information.

Remember pets are family!

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