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June 2023

Aging Along With our Feline Friends

Saturday, January 15, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

Time really flies for both ourselves and our cat companions. Look up one day and your feline friend is not as spry as a kitten and spending more time in her cat bed.We also are not as spry as we used to and find ourselves a bit less active. ¬†Around eight or nine years, cats become prone to the ills of old age. They can develop chronic kidney or liver disease and maybe even diabetes or tumors. Their senses of site, smell, hearing and taste may begin to diminish. As their metabolism changes, a dietary adjustment may be necessary. The later years in humans and cats is no time to carry around too much weight. Older cats are also prone to kidney disease and hyperthyroidism all three of our cats developed these conditions.¬† Cats don’t get Alzheimer’ s but they get forgetful as they get older. Through it all, with modern veterinary medicine and your loving care, your cats nine lives can extend into the teens and even early twenties. Just keep giving her the best cat food and don’t forget about those cat treats once and awhile. She may even surprise you a chase around one of her cat toys or two!

Remember, pets are family!

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