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November 2023

Begging Dogs Around the Holidays

Monday, December 13, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

The holidays are here and there will be lots of gatherings, lots of food and lots of dogs begging at dining room tables. Only a very rare dog will turn down a delicious, juicy table scrap but should you really feed your dog things that you can’t eat?  Lets consider some of the problems with feeding your dog table scraps.  You may say that you’ll watch for bones right? Well maybe. Lots of small bones can get mixed into table scraps. You’ll also watch for things that dogs can’t eat like chocolate. You may know this but does a friend that might be coming for dinner?  If you do feed your dog table scraps, they should be a small, measured amount along with a balanced diet of regular dog food. It all adds up and you don’t want an overweight dog begging at the table. If given sparingly, a nutritious table scrap every now and then is probably OK, it could even be a reward in your training routine. So this time of year you should advise your guests not to give in to that sweet dog going from person to person begging for people food!  Sit, stay, good dog and enjoy that great tasting piece of chicken as a reward for good behavior is ok when given by the dog owner only. Have a great holiday!

Remember, pets are family.

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