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Health Status of Our Millie

Saturday, December 11, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Our cat Millie has been with us for almost 17 years and has never had any health issues…..until now. A few weeks ago, she developed an abscess on the side of her face. I contacted her new vet and we set up an appointment which took place yesterday, 12/10/21. In the meantime, we treated her with antibiotics which seemed to really help the abscess. Our vet felt that it was related to her teeth.   It was confirmed at her appointment that it was a dental issue so I left her there for the day. She was scheduled for dental surgery to remove the infected tooth and perform a cleaning.

I was happy that this would solve the problem but when I returned to pick her up, the situation changed. The doctor found that Millie had a heart murmur and her blood work showed that she had moderate stage 3 kidney disease. I was very surprised because Millie exhibits none of the traditional signs of kidney disease. The surgery couldn’t be performed because the doctor felt that the anesthesia could affect her kidneys and make the situation worse.

So here’s the current situation. Physically Millie is doing well. I was given more antibiotics in case the abscess returns and we’ll just have to keep treating it with antibiotics. As far as the kidney disease goes, unfortunately it takes down many cats. There is no cure but we can work to prolong her kidney usage. Both of our previous cats, Molly and Atlantis had kidney disease and I gave them a high potency omega oil called Astros Oil. I started Millie on it this morning.

Going forward we will enjoy the remaining time that we have left with our little Millie. Owning pets not only brings lots of love but also brings much sorrow at the end of their lives.

Remember, treasure your pets as they are family!

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