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Maine Coon Cat Costs

Saturday, November 13, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

We are looking at someday adopting a Maine Coon cat but there are costs involved. has put together a guideline to these costs. Here’s the information obtained from Good luck with your search!

Easy to spot by their large size, fluffy coats, and cute ear tufts, Maine Coons are one of the most well-known cat breeds. These gentle giants of the cat world are popular for their personalities as much as their beauty. Friendly and social, Maine Coon cats love people and other animals, making them the ideal family pet.

Currently the third most popular registered cat breed, Maine Coon cats come in a dazzling array of coat colors and patterns. The Maine Coon’s combination of dramatic good looks and sweet nature is hard to resist! If you feel yourself falling under the spell of these furry beasts, you might be interested in bringing one into your family.

Before you decide to get a Maine Coon, it’s always a good idea to find out as much as you can about how to care for one. Getting a pet is a big responsibility and should be treated as such. You will need to be prepared to commit both time and money to your new family member.

With that in mind, here is a guide to how much it costs to own a Maine Coon cat.

Bringing Home a New Maine Coon Cat: One-Time Costs

So, you’ve decided you are ready for your own Maine Coon Cat. Congratulations! Now let’s talk about the less fun part of getting a new pet: the costs.

The one-time costs of a new Maine Coon cat depend on several different factors. One is whether you are adopting or buying your new cat and how old they are. If this won’t be your first pet cat, you may already have some of the supplies you need at home, which will decrease your overall one-time costs.

Here are some estimates to give you an idea of the one-time costs you can expect when you bring home a new Maine Coon cat:

Image Credit: Okeanas, Shutterstock


Believe it or not, there are certain situations where you may be able to get a new Maine Coon cat for free. Maybe a friend or relative is no longer able to care for their Maine Coon and asks for your help. Sometimes a free Maine Coon is advertised online or in newspaper classifieds.

Whatever the circumstances, always remember there is no such thing as a truly “free” pet. Make sure you can handle the cost of caring for your new Maine Coon even if you don’t have to pay anything to get one.



You may need to be patient, but it is possible you can find a Maine Coon available for adoption. Local animal shelters or breed-specific rescues are good places to look for adoptable Maine Coons. The cost of adopting a Maine Coon usually includes some basic vet care such as shots or spaying and neutering.

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The first step in buying a Maine Coon cat from a breeder is to make sure you are working with a responsible and reputable cat breeder. These breeders work hard to make sure they are producing healthy kittens. The International Cat Association (TICA) keeps a list of breeders that is a good place to start your search.

Buying a Maine Coon from a breeder can get expensive and the higher quality a cat is, the more it will cost. For example, a cat listed as “pet-quality” will be less expensive than one that is “show-quality.” Keep in mind that breeding cats responsibly is expensive and the price of your new Maine Coon cat may reflect that.

Initial Setup and Supplies


The initial setup and supply costs of your new Maine Coon will depend a lot on how old your new cat is.

Getting a kitten all their shots, as well as having them spayed or neutered, will cost more than adopting an adult cat who has already had these things done. On the other hand, an older cat could have more health issues, such as tooth disease, which might need to be addressed.

Again, if you’ve had a cat before, you may already have many of the supplies on this list which may cut down on initial costs.

Remember, pets are family!

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