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Do Cats Like to Be Pet?

Monday, September 20, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Our cat Millie enjoys being stroked on her head. She even comes out to get us so we could go into “her spot” and pet her. Keep in mind, it has to be in her spot which is in our spare room on the left end of the sofa. Most cats really enjoy the feel of a warm hand gently stroking their fur. You’ll often here them purr. My older cat Molly loves to be pet all the time. I can pet her for hours and she doesn’t move. Her favorite places are on CAT PETtop of her head and under her neck.  My younger cat Millie likes to be pet for awhile, then she’s had enough and has to go!  Cats do like to be pet but do it gently. Some prefer to be scratched instead.  Some favorite spots can be under their chin, on their cheeks or even on the bridge of their nose. That’s if they trust you. Another favorite place is behind the ears. Some cats like their stomach and tails petted but many don’t. My cat Mollie loves her stomach rubbed but don’t care for it too much if I pet her tail.  Always keep in mind that cats are different than dogs and require a special kind of affection.

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