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What’s Your Astrological Sign? What’s The Best Dog For That Sign?

Monday, September 13, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

If you’re going to adopt a new best friend, one of the biggest challenges is determining which dog is right for you. Wishing Moon has put together a list of dogs that are associated with astrological signs. So here’s a list which may help you make that all important decision.

Aries – Corgi – They are good tempered, easy to please and don’t let those little legs fool you. They can run for miles!

Taurus – The Greyhound -A chilled out little Greyhound is perfect for a Taurus who loves a cuddle on the sofa. A laid-back Taurus may not want a dog that is an absolute rocket when it comes to their temperament. Instead, they want a dog that is going to want to chill out with them whenever they can.

Gemini – Jack Russell  – Juck Russells are friendly, playful and clever. Perfect for a Gemini!

Cancer – Golden Retriever or Lab  – This sign loves to cuddle and enjoys lots of loving attention whenever they can, plus they often look after the people around them. A dogs such as Golden Retrievers are known to be guide dogs and other service pets for people will health problems, which means they match perfectly for Cancer’s affectionate, caring nature.

Leo – Bernese Mountain Dog – The are loyal, hardworking and energetic. just like a Leo.

Virgo – Springer Spaniel -Virgo’s are the natural helpers, so hard working Springer’s with cute little faces will make yours heart melt! This breed is excellent because of their attentive and alert nature, which is similar to a Virgo. This means they always know what’s going on and also have a good eye for detail, always on a roll!

Libra – Irish Setters – They are laid back and have a relaxed natured. (This is my sign, unfortunately, I don’t fit all of the characteristics!)

Scorpio – Doberman  – A Doberman is a dog breed that can often be misunderstood. Some see it as an aggressive breed. This often puts many people off. . In reality, these dogs are actually sensitive, who are extremely loyal to their owners. Dobermans are fearless yet very caring, making them and Scorpios work great together! Both will protect each other which establishes a loving bond!

Sagittarius – German Shepherd – The are confident, Intelligent and assertive.

Capricorn – Siberian Husky -Very friendly and gentle with an easy going social personality, a Siberian Husky and a Capricorn would be perfect for each other!

Aquarius – Beagle – The are unique, hard working and like to stand out.

Pisces – Pug -They are both sensitive and caring. Pisces is a sign that will be devoted to their loved ones, always offering support and attention. Pugs are affectionate and love receiving plenty of fuss! People born under the sign of Pisces are often seen as very charming individuals, often drawing people towards you. This is the same with the Pug, because they are a very popular dog that people love to be around. Together, a Pisces and a Pug will enjoy a cute bond together that will always be very affectionate.

Again, thank you to Wishing Moon for providing this interesting information.

Remember, pets are family!

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