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April 2024

Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Pet Should Be Compassionate and Peaceful. Our Experience was Not

Monday, August 30, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

We are still reeling over the way we were treated by Savannah Animal Hospital while saying goodbye to our beloved pet Atlantis. Our story was posted in many places. Here’s how every animal hospital should handle this very difficult process. Keep in mind every point I make was just the opposite of how we were treated by Savannah Animal Hospital in Lewes, Delaware.

1. If a beloved pet has to be euthanized the vet should never demand payment should upfront. This is insensitive to clients during a very difficult time, and proves that the vet is only in it for the money and not compassionate or sensitive to one of the most difficult decisions that has to be made by every pet owner.

2. When a client and a pet arrive for the difficult process of saying goodbye to their pet, they should never have to wait. I had to wait for thirty five minutes in my car with my Atlantis. He was lying in his own urine and crying in pain. My heart was pounding so fast that I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I had to call again from the car. I expressed my disgust for their insensitivity when they finally came out to escort us inside.

3. The doctor and assistant should be understanding, compassionate and comforting. This is the exact opposite of how we were treated. We were greeted by a stone cold doctor who complained that she was only one of two doctors on duty and offered no comfort, understanding or compassion. She just grabbed Atlantis from his crate, plopped him on the table and began sticking him. His veins collapsed so she kept sticking and sticking. He looked like an experiment on a lab table, I’ll never forget the horrific, stone cold treatment he received and my last image of my poor Atlantis. This is something no one should have to endure and Savannah Animal Hospital needs to be called out for it’s inexcusable behavior!

If you live in southern Delaware, avoid Savannah Animal Hospital at all costs. They have become an cash cow animal factory!

Remember, pets are family

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