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April 2024

The End of a Very Painful Week

Friday, August 27, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

It’s Friday and we’re still reeling from the loss of our beloved cat Atlantis and they way in which he had to exit this world. Atlantis filled our lives with love and joy. He loved being around us and spent almost all of his time sitting with us in our family room . He loved to cozy up to each of us and snuggle. He also was very talkative and added so much happiness to our home. We miss him terribly. We adopted him over two years ago but it seemed like he was with us forever. The life he had with his previous owner was not a good one in the last few years that he was with her. She was very sick and couldn’t care for him properly. When we adopted him, we realized that he had several medical conditions that needed attention. We did everything we could to help control these conditions. He was truly happy with us because he was given the love and attention that his previous owner just couldn’t give him in the last years of her life. Atlantis also was a gift to us. He enhanced our lives and filled each day with light and peace.

The end of his life was painful for us. The horrendous treatment that we received at Savannah Animal Hospital will never be forgotten. I’m trying to get Atlantis’s last moments out of my mind. I hope no one who has to have their beloved pets euthanized will never go through the cold, insensitive treatment that we received. Savannah should be condemned for their greed and non human behavior.

We are looking for a new vet that will provide us with humane care. Savannah is not a humane organization the are a MONEY organization.  I am looking forward to starting a new week on a brighter note and put one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life behind me.

Remember, pets are family!


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