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November 2023

More Regurgitation

Wednesday, June 23, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

I woke up this morning to a heap of undigested kibble in our bathroom. I knew who the culprit was. It was Atlantis , our cat with a host of medical issues including digestive problems. We can’t get to the bottom if Atlantis’s regurgitation but he does eat fast. Another problem could be that his bowls are not elevated. This could help slow the eating process down a bit and prevent re-gurgitation. I would always check with your vet if your cat regurgitates frequently. has some tips that could help curb this unpleasant feline experience.

The prognosis for regurgitation in cats depends on the underlying cause of the cat regurgitating. If your cat is regurgitating for idiopathic, or unknown, reasons the veterinarian may ask you to alter the feline’s eating habits. At home, the veterinarian may ask you to experiment with different food consistencies to feed your regurgitating cat. Wet canned cat food and homemade diets are less likely to be regurgitated than dry kibble. You may also be asked to place the food dish on an elevated surface, therefore lifting the cat’s head up to eat and discouraging the normal stance of regurgitation. To make your cat slow down her eating habits, you may be asked to change the design of her food bowl to a flatter surface. A cat that takes time to eat, slows down her chewing, and slows down her swallowing is less likely to regurgitate her food.

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