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November 2023

Traveling with Your Cat? Here’s What You Need

Thursday, April 29, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

We normally talk about traveling with your dog. Today we are going to talk about traveling with a cat.

Traveling with a cat is not the same as with a dog. Cats love to hide and will get under anything they can. Having a cat travel in a car without being  placed in a cat carrier is asking for trouble. They can get trapped under the gas pedal or even try to wiggle their way under the dashboard. Cats must be secured in a sturdy cat carrier during a road trip. Here are some supplies that you should keep in your car for the trip.

  • Bottled Water and a no spill bowl.
  • Dry food, a small bowl and treats.
  • Favorite toys
  • A comfortable, familiar blanket
  • A leash, spare collar with ID Tags and a reachable phone number
  • Cat first aid kit
  • Travel litter box. They sell throwaway litter boxes in the supermarket.
  • Non prescription calming medicine such s Rescue Remedy
  • Photo of you cat in case she gets lost
  • Your cats medical records
  • Paper towel rolls and plastic bags

It’s better to be well prepared for any road trip with you cat.

Remember, your pets count!

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