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Status of Atlantis

Saturday, April 24, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

I just got the results of our cat Atlantis’s test results after his latest visit to the vet last Wednesday. The good news is that his Thyroid has returned to normal. His TT4 count was 2.3. However his SDMA which measures kidney function has gotten a bit worse indicating that Atlantis has beginning stages of Kidney disease. I will continue giving him is daily thyroid medication and Astros Oil but now I’ve added two new treatments developed by the company the makes Astro’s Oil. One is a nitrogen-Creatine Scrub and Renal Care Protein. Both items can improve kidney function. We’ll see if this makes a difference when he goes for his next visit.

Atlantis is eating well and is in good spirits. His vocal expression tells us that he is feeling well and needs the usual attention that is required when owning a Siamese/Himalayan cat.  I also mentioned to the vet that Atlantis hasn’t pooped for about three days. During the examination, he discovered that Atlantis wasn’t constipated at all. In fact, as soon as we got home he pooped and has been pooping ever since. Go figure!

We continue to take good care of our sweet baby who certainly keeps us busy all the time! Have a great weekend!

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