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April 2024

How to Get a New Puppy to Walk on His Leash

Monday, April 5, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Finally, the time has come for you and your new puppy to go on his first walk. You spend lots of time choosing his new,”trendy” looking dog leash, now it’s time to show him off. Unfortunately, your puppy does not care about how he looks in that really “cool” dog leash but rather cares about trying to get out of it! Here are a few tips that may help you out.

1. Encourage your puppy to follow you instead of heading for everything that is around him.

2. Take some treats with you and always keep a few in your hand. When you call your puppy and he comes to you, reward him with a treat.

3. Always praise your puppy when you give a treat. Continue walking and praising as you go. Make sure you walk slow, encouraging your puppy to follow you along the way.

4. Stand still if your puppy pulls the wrong way on the leash. Do not pull you force him to walk. Just stop and wait for him to realize that he is going the wrong way. Call him and when he comes, reward him with another treat.

5. Keep the dog leash loose when walking your puppy. Do this only if he is walking beside you not sitting down or pulling you. It ‘s a good idea to take a squeeky toy with you to get his attention every now and then.

Remember be patient. Dog training is a process requiring lots of repetition and praise. Never yell or hit your dog for not obeying. This is not only cruel but will prevent your dog from learning to walk on a leash properly.

Remember, your pets count!

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