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March 2024

Keeping Your Dog Safe in Dog Parks

Saturday, March 27, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

It’s that time of year and our best friends love to be outdoors. Dog parks are becoming very popular for exercise and socialization but there are some important things that you should remember when taking your dog to the dog park. has but together good guidelines to follow.

 Dog parks

On the surface, it’s hard to take issue with a dog park: It encourages dogs (and their owners) to go out and
get some exercise, fresh air, and sunshine, all the while strengthening the human-animal bond.

Vets in ER’s have seen a massive number of injured dogs coming to the emergency room directly
from a nearby dog parks.

Not everyone has a well-trained and well-behaved dog, and you need to learn how to look out for the other guy and protect your dog from injury.

Here are a few simple rules to keep people and pets safe while still enjoying the dog park:

  • Get to know your dog’s playmates. If you know the temperaments and dispositions of the dogs your dog plays with, you are much more likely to come away unscathed.
  • Know the park’s layout. Are there any areas where dogs could interact and possibly fight? Are they out of your line of sight? If a fight happens, is there an easy exit?
  • Keep watch. This might be the most important rule of all. Watch what your dog is doing and whom they’re doing it with. Be ready to swoop in and break up a fight if you have to. If you have a small dog who’s romping with a bigger dog, stay alert. Similarly, if you see a dog owner who’s not paying attention, that could be a recipe for disaster. Don’t just toss your dog in the park and wander off — you’re there to protect him from danger.
  • Protect both yourself and your dog. If something happens, are you ready? A can of pepper spray, dousing with cold water, or using a big stick to pry a dog away from its victim can save a life. Be ready for things to go wrong, and be ready to act if they do.

Remember, your pets count!

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