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April 2024

Remembering Molly

Thursday, March 4, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

It’s hard to believe that  it’s been over two years since we lost our beloved cat Molly. She was with us for 19 years and unlike our cat Atlantis who takes to everyone, Molly had a special bond only with me. That bond was really close. I’m re-posting some memories of Molly to show how close our  little furry friends are to our hearts.

Does your cat have you wrapped around her little paw? My does, in fact they get V.I.P. treatment.  Molly sleeps in my bed every night. I prefer to sleep on one side but my cat , Molly prefers me to sleep on the other side facing her. Here’s how she gets her way. I begin to doze and I suddenly hear Molly”meowing” in my ear insisting that I turn over and face her. Crazy right? If I don’t obey her, she will step onto the night stand and methodically knock over my things. First, my cell phone is knocked out of it’s charger and onto the floor, then my pictures get knocked over one by one. Finally, I give in and turn over. She then snuggles up to me and goes to sleep. She’s purring her little heart out and I’m lying awake unable to fall asleep. This is not Mollie’s fault, it’s my fault for not setting the proper boundaries when she was young. Do you cater to your cat? Remember, cats never forget and will go to extremes to get their way.

A great memory of Molly. Atlantis and Millie do not sleep in our bed but rather have their special sleeping spots in our family room.

Molly had kidney disease and I attribute the five extra years that I had with her to Astro’s Oil. This high potency Omega Oil developed by a doctor in Canada can slow the progress of the disease an improve life quality. It did with Molly and I swear by it. I’m currently using it on my cat Atlantis. He was diagnosed with beginning stage kidney disease but as of last Saturday, his kidney function test came back as normal! Find out all of the benefits of Astros Oil from our their website: Astros

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