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March 2024

Big Dogs in Big Cities

Wednesday, March 3, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

According to Dr. Timothy Mann, a New York City veterinarian, dogs, energy levels and temperament are more important than factors and size. Some large dogs don’t need a big living space if you provide other opportunities Big CItyfor exercise.¬† He says that St. Bernards and even great¬† Danes can all live comfortably in the city. The need regular long walks or a run in a dog park. Then, when they come home, they will be content just lying around. Greyhounds will surprise you. They like to run when they have a chance but they are big couch potatoes! Just give them enough exercise outside and they’ll do fine.

st-bernardThere are advantages to having smalls breeds in apartments or condominiums. Some small dogs can even be trained to use a litter box or fake grass on a balcony so you don’t have to worry about rushing downstairs or waiting for the elevator. Apartments are usually too small for a dog exercise pen, so it’s important that you take your little one out often for exercise.

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