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April 2024

Our Cats are Our Children

Wednesday, February 17, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Since my partner and I have no children, we treat our two cats like our own kids. They complete our little family and we make sure that we provide a warm, safe, secure environment for them. I tend to our cat Atlantis who has been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and beginning stage kidney disease. Each morning he receives Astro’s oil, a high dose of omega oil as well as medication for his thyroid.

I recommend a high quality food. Low quality foods are bad for your cats kidneys, cardiovascular system and overall health. It’s worth spending a little extra for food and having your cat with you a little longer. I give them Weruva wet food and KD dry food.  Both of our cats never go outdoors except sometimes to sit on the porch with us.  Indoor cats are healthier, more content and live longer in most cases, much longer than feral cats.

Our cat Atlantis visits the vet regularly to have his blood checked. Our goal is to make sure both of his conditions are kept under control.

Both of our cats love being brushed, pet  and spending time with us each evening in our family room. Our goal is to keep them happy and healthy for as long as possible, after all they are our children!

Remember, your pets count!

Consider adding Astros Oil to your cats daily regimen especially if he’s been diagnosed with kidney disease. Astros Oil is a wonderful natural product that prolongs life and improved life quality. I’ve used it for years and have seen dramatic results. Read all about Astros Oil from their website, Astros

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