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Tips For Getting Your Cat to Eat

Monday, February 1, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

It’s most frustrating¬† when your cat won’t eat. As cats get older, they can eat less due to conditions such as kidney disease, mouth and gum problems or a variety of other conditions. So how to we encourage our little furry friends to keep eating?¬† The Cat Vet has put together a helpful list of tips that may help you out a bit.

Top Tips for encouraging your cat to eat

  • Ensure your cat is comfortable and feeling secure
  • Avoid bullying and competition for food by feeding your cat out of direct eyesight of any other cats/dogs
  • Show a little tenderness – be patient and give your cat your undivided attention. If need be encourage your cat to sniff/lick food from your finger or the back of a teaspoon. Sometimes gentle reassurance is all your cat needs.
  • Cats rely on smell to enhance the taste food so warm it up to “prey” temperature and release the food’s natural aromas
  • Offer smelly and strong-tasting foods such as seafood and roast chicken.
  • Ask your vet about which types of foods would be safe to feed and whether there are any highly palatable and nutritious foods that they can supply for supporting sick cats
  • Avoid presenting elderly and unwell cats with large portions of food – they are more likely to accept food little and often and some seem to definitely prefer this approach
  • If your cat does not eat, take the food away and try again a bit later.

Good luck! Your pets count!

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