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March 2024

Doggie Hot Spots

Thursday, January 21, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

What is a hot spot?

A Hot Spot, also known as Acute Moist Dermatitis, is an open sore that is hot, moist, and red. These painful spots on your dog arise from incessant licking, chewing, and scratching the affected area. This type of ailment is very sensitive, painful to the touch and your dog may lose his hair in this area. Just about any irritation to your dog’s skin, paws, hips, chest, or other areas that causes him to lick, scratch, or bite, to gain relief, may lead to the development of a hot spot. For example, something so seemingly harmless such as an insect bite, a small nick, cut or small wound may cause itchiness or irritation to your dog and he will, in turn, compulsively, obsessively lick that area until it is raw.  It’s what dogs do!

Hot spots may begin innocently as small, wet-looking areas but they can grow in size rapidly to look like big, red open sores.  At this point bacterial infections develop quickly and the cycle begins.

There are lots of ways to control hot spots. Your Vet may recommend specific products like Banixx to help control these painful spots that may appear on your dog. Pay close attention to your dog’s licking and chewing and don’t let the issue get out of hand.

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