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Cat Regurgitation

Monday, January 18, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Cat regurgitation is very common and it consists of undigested food being expelled very soon after eating. Our cat Atlantis, is famous for regurgitation. He will eat dry food very fast, then gulp down water and regurgitate some undigested food. He did it twice this morning. There are some things that you could do to control your cats regurgitation.

  • If you feed your cat dry food, you can spread the food out over an area of floor and force your cat to move around to get it. This will slow the eating down.
  • Alternatively, special dishes can help your cat consume its food more slowly. You could also feed your cat out of a clean egg-carton to slow down the pace of meals, placing a small amount of food in each cup.
  • Keep other cats away while the regurgitating cat is eating. This will allow the regurgitating cat to relax and eat more slowly.
  • Let your cat digest his food a while and remove his water for awhile after he eats. Place it back about 45 minutes later.

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