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December 2023

Reasons to Adopt a Pet After Losing One

Saturday, January 9, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

So many loving dogs and cats are waiting your adoption and so many people are reluctant to adopt another pet after they they lose one. Most people will say that the new pet can never compare with their previous pet and this is true but the new pet will give you as much love and affection. Each pet is unique in their own way. Each of my cats has a completely different personality but yet I love then the same. My cat Molly was so attached to me. She was always with me while my other cat is more independent and a bit jumpy. After she passed, I never thought that I would adopt another pet because I would compare them to Molly. Then came Atlantis, a Siamese Himalayan that I adopted from a neighbor after she passed away. Atlantis loves being around people. He gets involved with everything and enjoys spending time with us in our family room all the time. He is as loving and wonderful as Molly and we’re so glad we have him. All pets give us the same amount of love and affection but in different ways.

So if you’re not adopting a pet because you think that nothing can compare to your previous pet, think again and I urge you to go to your nearest adoption center and consider adopting one of those poor lovable pets that are craving your affection and a good home. Do it today!!!

Remember, your pets count!

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