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March 2024

A Tumultuous Year Is Fading Away

Monday, December 28, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Undoubtedly this has been one of the worst years of our lives. Many lost jobs, homes, loved ones and while this was all going on we were under the spell of a very devious, horrific President and Administration, lying, undermining democracy, denying the deadly virus, spewing dirt and propaganda at every breath. How much could we take? The antics are still continuing with this very deranged President and I believe that they will continue until the last day that he’s in office!  Our democracy was attacked by a Category 5 hurricane. The walls shook, windows rattled and at times it felt as if the whole structure would break apart but it didn’t. Democracy was shaken to it’s core and this should never happen again. We were on the verge of becoming a Dictatorship because of the actions of a narcissistic, autocratic leader. Conspiracy theories and lies were radiating on fraudulent right wing fanatical media outlets like FOX, Newsmax ,Breitbart and OANN. The damage that these outlets inflicted on our country is unimaginable! Millions of minds were poisoned probably never to be de-programmed and set on a recovery course. By the way, in case you are still unaware, Joe Biden won the popular vote by 7,000,000 votes and won 306 electoral votes. He is the next President of the United States. In case your still in doubt, stop making fools out of yourselves and suck it up!

My partner and I personally had a difficult year but not nearly as bad a millions of other Americans and for that we are grateful. While watching a very contentious impeachment trial in January, our beloved cat Atlantis became very ill and there were times we thought that we might lose him. We adopted him in the Summer of 2019 from our neighbor who has since passed away and he was 15 years old at the time we adopted him. We were unaware of his health issues. After numerous trips to the Vet, he was diagnosed with Kidney disease and Hyperthyroidism. After months of trying different kinds of treatments we finally got him on the right course. He’s on the right medication and we added Astro’s Oil products to his daily regime and as of this writing he’s doing well.

The Coronavirus has stripped us of our everyday lives. I’ve had to put a hold on my Substitute Teacher job because of my age and undying conditions. We have followed the experts and Scientists advice  and curtailed all social activities. I’ve been keeping busy running Edgewater Gold Radio, my internet radio station, writing a memoir, cooking and reading. My partner is thankfully still working at the hotel under extreme caution of course.

Many friends and relatives were diagnosed with Coronavirus and many had severe illness and some are no longer with us.

Personally I’ve lost many friends, not to the virus but to the wave of illness that has taken over their minds. I can never accept the fact that some people still support such unprecedented evil, deception, conspiracy theories and lies. I was also very disheartened  by how many racist individuals existed in my circle.  This rattled the core of my soul and I rejected the negative, destructive energy and eliminated these individuals from my personal orbit.  This is very sad indeed but part of the fallout from this disastrous administration.

With the dawn of 0f a new year, I’m hopeful that we will slowly see a return to some kind of normal. The vaccine distribution has begun and we will welcome a new President and Administration who will restore the integrity  and respect to  the office. Just the fact that we will have a President who puts the country first and who will build back and protect the interests of all Americans gives me hope and hope is that first step in moving into a new dawn and a new day.

So we welcome 2021 and as the curtain rises on this new year lets all try to sweep the last four years out the door!

Happy New Year!

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