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December 2023

Spending a Quiet Christmas with our Pets This Year

Wednesday, December 23, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

This pandemic has altered all of our lives this year including the celebrations that we always look forward to. Usually at Christmas time we have a holiday party and always have friends over. This year , my partner Jim is working in the afternoon at a nearby hotel and I will be spending the afternoon with my two cats Millie and Atlantis and our little guest Conure Emro who is spending a few weeks with us before he goes back to his home in the hotel lobby. So how do I still have the Christmas spirit considering this day will be unlike any other holiday?  Here’s how. I mentally prepared myself for very quiet holidays this year. I’ll be doing my part to keep myself as well as family and friends safe from this raging virus.  I’ve also decorated the house and created a festive environment like any other year. This year, I’ll cook a complete Christmas dinner as usual consisting of spinach and mushroom lasagna and a pork roast. The Christmas spirit is here although the people are not.

On Christmas Day, I’ll cook, listen to Christmas music, open presents with my partner Jim in the morning before he goes to work and watch some holiday movies in the afternoon. Our beloved pets will keep me company and we will all get through. It’s a “Hard Candy Christmas” but hopefully we can all look forward to better days in 2021.

The spirit of love and the memories that Christmas brings  is always alive. It’s up to us to let it in. Enjoy your time with your beloved pets this year, stay safe and let your Christmas spirit shine.

Happy Holidays from the Pet Product Guru.

Remember, your pets count!


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