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Getting Cats With Kidney Disease to Eat

Saturday, December 19, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

This can be a real problem, I used to try everything to get my cat Molly to eat in the last months of her life. She had been battling kidney disease for about five years. I used to try anything to get her to eat and sometimes I would hit the jackpot. I’d find something that she seemed to really like. I can’t stress how important it is to make sure your cat eats regularly but it’s a balancing act. You should also try to keep their phosphorous levels low. Cats are usually put on a prescription diet and given food that is low in phosphorous but unfortunately lots of cats don’t like the food including Molly.

Here’s as except from, Tanya’s kidney disease website that explains some ways to get your cat to eat.

The one essential treatment for all cats is food. Although a therapeutic kidney food can be helpful, if your cat won’t eat it, it’s not helpful at all.

If your cat hasn’t eaten for a couple of days, s/he needs food now. Cats who don’t eat can develop a lifethreatening liver condition called hepatic lipidosis, which can happen after just a day or two of not eating. The site will help you identify possible causes of inappetence and how to treat them, but right now, this minute, if your cat hasn’t eaten today, I want you to stop reading and go and get some food into your cat. Try any cat food you have in the house — at this point, anything is better than nothing.

If your cat won’t eat what you have in stock and you are in the USA, pop out to the supermarket and buy some Gerbers Stage 2 meat-based baby foods and some Fancy Feast Classic pate-style foods. You can check on what you need to buy here and here. If you’re near a pharmacy, also buy some Pepcid AC regular (not Complete or Extra Strength); you want the 10mg size). You are going to ask your vet if you can use the Pepcid AC for your cat.

NOTE: Do not continue use of Pepcid without checking with your vet. I made the mistake of doing this. It depletes essential stomach acid which your cat needs.

I would also recommend strongly that you add Astro’s Oil products to your cats daily diet. I’ve been using these products for many years and the results are truly remarkable! My cat Atlantis has beginning stage kidney disease. He was vomiting, not eating and generally not well about a year ago. I once again added Astro’s Oil. Today his kidney test readings are in a normal range and he has gained weight, is eating well and his coat looks much better. There is a great story behind the development of Astro’s oil. I encourage you to read the story, then try the products. Astro’s Oil is a high potency omega oil. I administer the recommended dosage to Atlantis every morning in a small pipette. It really makes a difference. The website is You can order directly from this site. After reading the story behind Astro’s Oil, I was convinced that these products would help delay the progress of this devastating disease. It gave me five more years with my beloved cat Molly and now Atlantis has made some great progress!

Feline kidney disease is complex and you may feel overwhelmed, I know I did. I recommend following your Vet’s advice and add Astro’s oil. Most importantly stick to the game plan. If what you’re doing seems to work, stick with it.

Remember, your pets count!

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